This is extremely absurd

This is very absurd, why the hell is this happening to my school?

As you've all realised, Hannah Yeoh, had highlighted what the school had done to her, by withdrawing her invitation to attend the Prefects' Reunion. Apologies for not realising it earlier due to me rushing back and forth for my grandfather, but I read Tony Pua's blog and I felt my blood boil, I've commented in it, but we'll see if he approves of my comments. This had also been highlighted in Lim Kit Siang's blog as well.

Even if this is a petty issue, how could you take away a student's rights to go back and thank her teachers? Not to mention that we're all part of this school. We all LOVE the school damn it! We love the teachers, maybe not the administration. We LOVE our friends who came from there, and alot of them remained close friends even till now. But now, here we are, under Hannah Yeoh's care, things were starting to improve, as she also constantly blogged about her efforts on trying to improve the area.

And yet, my school succumbs to pressure?

I didn't want to condemn my school about how do they make their decisions but if they remained politically affiliated to make this petty threat an issue, and expects US to bow down to them, then I'm sorry. You made me a product that is soon to be working on the field, and I've calmly replied, but if you make it big we'll multiply it bigger.

I know it is not my school's fault that made the decision but rather the authorities. Personally, many teachers were proud of Hannah due to her relations with this school. HECK, I bet that Hannah Yeoh propelled my school to fame, not in a big way, but good enough to let people recognised that this school produced good students. (ceh wah syok sendiri), and yet they do not let her in just because of her service to the DAP. Why not? Do you think that she would go around preaching to her ex-classmates on joining the DAP? Is she going to bad-mouth the government in a social event that is obviously used for just exchanging personal stories?

And even if I didn't receive a proper two way education like others, fortunate or not, I still know what is the best for me. Barisan Nasional is not exactly the best, DAP too, BUT, what Barisan did was to rob the rights of a student just because of her career, and that will leave a stain at their records.

As for my part, I would want to call for all the ex-students of SMKSU and also current students. Are you proud of your school and wouldn't want it to make a mistake? Do you not want it to bear the image of being a biased school? Then click on these links below, make sure that other students are aware of this, and make the right choice, whether to love your school, or to hell with it.

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